A Retreat to Create Exponential Flow in Your Business, Income, and Life

Are you ready to open the floodgates to massive flow in your business, income, and life?

Are you ready to get out of your own way and into accessing a more powerful part of you that knows exactly what your next steps are in your business, income, and life?

If so, this is your invitation to a 2.5-day immersive retreat with 10 like-minded courageous women with Christine as your guide to understanding how money can easily flow into your life.

Watch my video below to learn more about what this event entails!

During this 2.5-day intimate, hands-on experience you will:

  • Align the true spirit of you, your business, and your finances in a way that propels you into the breakthrough needed to move your business to its next level.

  • Learn how to stop working harder to create what you want, leverage your money blocks (yes, I said leverage your money blocks,) and how to find security and safety in the “uncomfortable zone” of growing a business.

  • Recognize when you need to ask for help and how to truly receive it through one on one coaching around your biggest money and business issue.

This is NOT for you if you:

  • Are not open to the idea of possibilities in your business. If you are completely shut off from anything else than your current reality happening, this is not for you.

  • Do not think of investing in yourself from a time, energy, and financial aspect increases your self-worth and your net-worth.

  • Do not want to grow your business with more ease and flow.

This is for you if you:

  • Are a business owner, entrepreneur, coach, speaker, author, expert, or service providers who is ready for more than your typical business training event.

  • Are ready to show up massively different around money, finances, and business to experience something massively different around your money, finances, and your business.

  • Want carved out time and space to work on your business where you can bring the hairiest problem you are encountering this year to the roundtable and get hands-on, 1-1 support in an intimate, trusting and fun environment.


Christine in one word: expansion. You are my zen money master! I really appreciate how quickly you get me out of my own way so that I can value myself in my biz.
— LL, Colorado
You are LIGHT! So much light. But also pragmatic New Yorkness. That’s what I like about you. You have tons of light and perspective, but it’s not so sugary and sweet that it makes me want to gag on all the new-age niceness. You got some sass and groundedness. I also love that you let the process unfold as it is and you work really well with what is there. I have never felt like anything is forced or off target. It is all unfolding in a very perfect way. You help shift the perspective from what seems like closed off-ness around money and lack of possibility to all the possibilities.
— SS, Colorado
Never would have thought I would say amazing things about a ‘money school’! Christine provides a safe container to talk about the sensitive topic of money. She comes with a background in finance, combined with a humanistic approach to how we each deal with our money issues... It brought new awareness to me and her tools and strategies are still working for me several months later.
— MW, Colorado

There are ONLY 10 Spaces AVAILABLE

When and Where:

February 8-10, 2019 Denver Area, Colorado

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